Gullview creates lasting relationships with both its clients and staff by building trust and competency in providing solutions that deliver sustainable business value.

We have you covered from start to finish

We see five phases to major business or digital transformation.

At Gullview Technologies, we can focus on all five, or just one phase that needs the most attention. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

Best of all, we bring our heartland work ethic with us to everything we do. We may not be employees of your company, but you’d never know it.

At Gullview Technologies, we consider ourselves your bridge between the people on your payroll and the single need contractors. We help retain your intellectual property as turnover happens and we’re able to move with the speed of your business.


Unlike other firms that come with pre-packaged solutions and rigidly defined consulting roadmaps, we take the time to work with your organization to discover and really understand what makes your business go, and capture both strengths and weaknesses. From this we can gain insights into current strengths we can build upon with your team, as well as areas of opportunity through modernization and transformation.


Once future business outcomes are defined and agreed upon, it is important to design a technology strategy and roadmap to realize those outcomes. If your firm already has outcomes defined, we can work with your technology organization to define a technology solution and roadmap best suited for your company and current technology architecture.


One of the most important phases in a strategic technology improvement effort is properly rolling out the new solution and working with the business to implement business workflow and process improvements across the enterprise. How often have you heard of a firm expending significant amounts of energy to get a strategic technology initiative completed, yet most of the capability sits on the shelf because there was not a plan and roadmap for engaging the business with the new capability? We have many years experience helping firms leverage new technology capabilities within the business and are experienced in partnering with your organization to build out plans and execute on this critical phase.


Here we partner with your organization to craft up and define what potential future states could be possible for your organization. We believe it is critical to define what business outcomes are desired and required in the future, and to get alignment and consensus on those outcomes.


Many organizations are challenged to drive strategic and transformative technology initiatives by themselves. We are able to engage with your organization at many levels to provide needed skills and energy to mechanize your technology strategy. Whether you need help with direct hires, short term contractors, or need a dedicated technical team from Gullview for a multi-year effort, we are able to customize our level of engagement for your organization.

A Boutique IT Consultancy Firm

Gullview technologies isn’t a “one and done” project house.

Our expertise and passion lie in being strategic partners with our clients for as long as they need us, and in whatever phase of the game they need help on. Whether that means starting from the top and working our way down, or picking up where someone else left off.