Who is Gullview Technologies?

Gullview Technologies is a Minnesota-based software development and IT consultancy center. We were founded on the belief that quality IT professionals exist not only in the United States and their big cities, but in rural communities, such as the Brainerd Lakes Area.  

Not only are our employees incredibly talented, they are like family. 

DevOps with Gullview Technologies

Not Your Typical Project House

When clients hire Gullview Technologies to help them sort out their biggest technology and digital transformation challenges, they’re not getting a typical project management house. We’re not a one and done shop. In fact, we pride ourselves on being a strategic partner, walking the road with our clients to surpass their software development and technology goals. 

Meet the Founders

Bill Wolff and Ross Graba have been partners for more than 20 years – even before Gullview Technologies was founded in 2015.

Keep reading to learn about the foundation they bring to the table. 

Bill Wolff CEO

Bill Wolff • CEO and Co-Founder

As a co-founder of Gullview Technologies, Bill Wolff’s vision is to merge the IT needs of Gullview’s clients with the heartland innovation of its employees. By providing high-quality job opportunities and economic growth in rural communities, Bill believes Gullview is the strategic partner in software development and IT staff augmentation that will propel businesses forward.

Bill brings over 30 years of experience in leading technology companies, including a large, nationally known IT staffing company. This experience has enabled him to develop a strong understanding of the IT challenges company leaders face.

Whether the focus is to help drive significant growth for a client through technology, or to supplement their IT staffing through augmentation, a cornerstone of Bill’s efforts is the ability to build a culture of engaged and motivated employees.

Bill is a graduate of Mankato State University, and a native Minnesotan. As such, he does what most Minnesotans do when not focused on business endeavors; he heads to the lake. An avid boater and fisherman, he enjoys spending time with family and friends at his home on Gull Lake.  

Ross Graba

Ross Graba • President and Co-Founder

Ross Graba is a co-founder of Gullview Technologies, and he combines his background in developing software solutions with his experience developing the tech talent in the heartland. He brings an engaging and energetic style to the company and helps lead innovation, strategy, and software solutions. Ross focuses on working with clients to define and deliver high-value technology solutions by leveraging Gullview’s “Lakeshore” technology teams.

Ross began his career in the defense industry, working as a system design engineer and technical program manager for software development on F-16 Fighters. It’s here that he developed an appreciation for creating software technology solutions that would be financially sustainable over their lifetime. 

With 30 years of experience as a technology executive, Ross understands the challenges industry leaders face in propelling their business forward through technology. Prior to Gullview, Ross has revitalized and re-energized SaaS firms, led strategic turnarounds, and helped to increase sales and operating performance.

Ross is a graduate of North Dakota State University and a native of Minnesota. When not transforming companies through technology and strategic planning, Ross enjoys the outdoors with this family. He’s an active Scouting leader and serves as a volunteer with the local school Knowledge Bowl program.


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