On shore or offshore? What about lakeshore?

Do more with our lakeshore IT outsourcing model.

Your IT Vision, Our Heartland Innovation

Is your company reaching the tipping point in your IT organization and current system architecture? With the growing workload demands, the IT workforce is struggling to keep up. Many CIOs who had never thought about outsourcing for help are now considering it as part of their ongoing strategy. 

The challenge then boils down to the question of which to choose: offshore or onshore.

But we have a better solution: Lakeshore

Knowing which to choose requires thinking strategically about the long-term needs of your company and how to sustain the technology enterprise over time.

Getting help is one thing. However, if you’re not thinking of how to best leverage the newly acquired help with a longer-term strategic objective in mind, the new system built today with short term help may not be supported tomorrow.

With Gullview Technologies, you can add capability and capacity to your organization, protect valuable intellectual property, and even increase your profitability over time. Gullview Technologies is different from your typical outsourced IT team. Let us put our heartland work ethic to work for you and show you just how different we are.


Most outsourced IT teams will be ready to work on your project but are then dispersed to new clients as soon as your project is complete. When you’re working strategically, thinking forward to cover all of your bases, “one and done” isn’t a good strategy. It means every single time you start a new project, you are having to invest your IP to retrain/start from ground zero with a new workforce each time. Gullview technologies isn’t a “one and done” project house. Our expertise and passion lie in being strategic partners with our clients for as long as they need us. Project to project. Best of all, we bring our heartland work ethic with us to everything we do. We may not be employees of your company, but you’d never know it. We consider ourselves your bridge between the people on your payroll and the single need contractors. We help retain your intellectual property as turnover happens and we’re able to move with the speed of your business. 

Once you start working with us, you’ll see our Lakeshore Model covers so much more than a single project. Sure, we do all the good stuff like increasing your solution velocity, but we also have designated teams, rockstar communication, super low turnover, and we love helping you look at your total cost of ownership (TCO) more objectively.


We're not a "one and done" project management shop.


We're your bridge between your employees and contractors - holding the IP glue together.


There are no offshore workers here. Just Minnesota talent.


Our lakeshore team members are located in the heartland.


We know how to deliver incredibly fast results.


The more we know your business. Increased velocity comes from understanding you.


Get superior cost savings from start to finish.


Your projects have 3 phases. We'll help you save money on all three.


Project Capacity and Velocity:  Gullview Technologies’ Lakeshore Software Development Delivery Model has enabled the client to add significant project development bandwidth at very attractive billing rates. These rates and total cost of ownership have enabled the client to add more project development capacity with the Gullview Technologies team than would be possible with local providers or onsite staff. This additional capacity has enabled high-value business projects to be completed sooner, increasing the value of each of these projects for the business either by enabling revenues for new products to occur sooner or by achieving cost savings earlier.  

Click here to download the full case study. 


Do you have questions? Would you like to learn more about how our Lakeshore Model can help save your company money on outsourced IT and software development? Fill out the form to get in touch today. 

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