Strategic PartnershipOutsourcingLakeshore Model05 Reasons Why a Lakeshore Partner is Better than an Offshore

When companies first think about finding a partner for new software development or for help in ongoing enhancements, they will often think of offshore teams. After all, offshore development often is viewed as costing less than hiring teams who are onshore. Sometimes that’s true, but more often than not, there are hidden costs companies don’t consider until it’s too late. Let’s look over the top five reasons why our “Lakeshore” model beats offshore — hands down.

  1. Strategic IT Partnership – You have goals and you know where you want to take your company. However, you might not know exactly how to get there. While many other outsourced options, such as offshore, can help you with a single project, what these approaches lack is a strategic vision. These firms are focused on a single aspect of the business, but your strategic map usually encompasses much more than a single project. When you partner with Gullview Technologies, what you get is a partner who works with you on your next moves, partnering to deliver your strategy over time. All of this happens with a long-term software technology sustainment strategy that we’ll work out together.
  2. Devoted Teams – The cornerstone of our “Lakeshore” model relies on pulling together devoted technology teams with the skills and experience you need to accomplish your goals. You’ll see why this makes such an impact throughout this article but allow us to explain. In offshore teams, the relationships you build with your software development team is limited usually to that project, and sometimes not even through the project. With Gullview, you’re able to put to use the same people over and over again. This not only increases project velocity but saves you time and money in training and ramping up a team. As an added advantage, when you see company or contractor turnover happen within your own technology ranks, your Gullview team acts as the bridge, helping you to deliver consistent, long-term project performance, enabling you to meet your goals over and over again.
  3. Leverage Your Business Knowledge – Your business knowledge is an investment that can drive ongoing returns for your business, with the right approach. When you use offshore teams, while they may have the technology skills and you can train them on the ins and outs of your business, once their project with you is complete, your knowledge investment in that team is lost. For the next project, you have to retrain new people, wasting valuable time, resources, and money. With our lakeshore model, your business knowledge is retained by working with the same people over and over again, compounding the return on your knowledge investment.
  4. Faster Turnaround – Everyone wants to hit goals faster and keep up with the speed of digital transformation. With offshore, you can run into communication problems, time differences, and timeframe variances you may not appreciate. Plus, as we discussed, every time you start a new project, you have to get your workers up-to-speed before they can even begin. Our lakeshore model eliminates those issues by retaining the same team of people who can quickly hop from one project to the next without batting an eye. This means increased solution velocity by building on and leveraging critical business and system knowledge from project to project.
  5. Long-Term Savings – At first blush, offshore often appears to look like the more affordable option for many decision-makers because of a lower advertised billing rate. However, hidden in those lower rates are the added project costs of more governance overhead, day-to-day communication disturbances, project rework due to lack of experience with your business and technology, and retraining costs every time you start a new project. With us, the longer you work with Gullview, the more your business can save through high-velocity delivery and business knowledge retention alone. Add on top of that the fact that our company is located in an area with a lower cost of living, compared to big tech cities (like Minneapolis/St. Paul or others), and you’re getting incredible tech talent at a savings we pass on to you. Our goal is to provide quality software development and IT consultancy with a competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

If you’ve been wondering about the best way to propel your company into the future, we believe it’s by implementing our “Lakeshore” model. Let us help you keep up with the digital transformation happening today. Learn more about the various ways Gullview Technologies can deliver strategic value to your technology enterprise by calling us at (218) 454–7711. We’ll buy you a cup of coffee and discuss the best way forward for your company’s IT projects in this challenging and exciting digital environment.