Strategic PartnershipLakeshore Model010 Reasons Why Gullview Technologies is the IT Partner You’ll Stick With

Many companies (maybe even yours) have reached the tipping point in their IT organization and current systems architecture. The IT workforce can no longer keep up with the growing workload and demands from the business. CIOs who hadn’t before are now thinking about turning to outsourcing for help. The challenge with offshore — and even other onshore companies — typically boils down to a single issue: thinking strategically about their long-term needs, and how to sustain their technology enterprise over time.

Getting help is one thing, but if you’re not thinking of that help with a longer-term strategic objective in mind, the new system built today with short term help cannot be supported tomorrow with your employee workforce. Furthermore, by not thinking strategically about how to add capability and capacity to your organization, it can mean a loss of valuable intellectual property and even a hit in your profitability down the line. If you want to save yourself some headache, consider these 10 ways Gullview Technologies is different from your typical outsourced IT team. We’ll show you by the end of it why we’re the ones you’ll want to partner with for the long haul.

  1. Competent, Skilled Workers: We know we have a good thing here and we aren’t afraid to shout it to the mountaintops. All of our employees are incredible at what they do, and we know you’ll agree as soon as you see them in action.
  2. Low Turnover: At Gullview, we pride ourselves not only on having the best teams but in keeping them, too. We treat our employees like family (because to us, they are) and we like to think because of this, our employees think the same. That’s why we have such a super low turnover — many of our employees have been with us from the start.
  3. Rock Star Communication: We mentioned this in our last blog post, but it’s worth repeating. We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied in our entire process. This means we have to have clear lines of communication at all times-something you won’t always find with offshore teams. Plus, being located in central Minnesota, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be speaking to someone you don’t have to struggle to understand.
  4. Midwest Work Ethic: Being in Minnesota is pretty awesome, and it also comes with the unwavering perseverance known for the area. We work hard, play hard, and don’t really look for praise. We’re humble like that. But rest assured, we put our tenacity to work for our clients every single day.
  5. Retain Your Investment in Business Knowledge: Most outsourced IT teams will be ready to work on your project but are then dispersed to new clients as soon as your project is complete. When you’re working strategically, thinking forward to cover all of your bases, one and done isn’t a good strategy. It means every single time you start a new project, you are having to invest your IP to retrain/start from ground zero with a new workforce each time. With Gullview Technologies, we partner with you in a way that maintains your intellectual property by ensuring you have the same team over the long haul.
  6. Designated Teams: While we touched on this one above, it’s important to break this one out on its own because it really is a powerhouse. By keeping the same people, you’re able to build a relationship together, which builds trust, comradery, velocity, Plus, in the long run, it saves you money on not having to retrain teams over and over again.
  7. High-Velocity Work: Together with your highly skilled Gullview team, each project gets easier and faster. This means deadlines you never thought possible can be within your reach.
  8. Strategic Partnership: We’re not a typical project house, pumping out software and moving on to the next client. We’re in this gig to develop a long-term software technology sustainment strategy with our clients. You’re going to have more software goals to accomplish and other problems to solve. We’re here to help you tackle all of them — maybe before you even realize you need to. That’s how confident we are.
  9. Cost Savings: Yes, we might be an onshore company, working out of the upper Midwest, but more than that, we’re also located in an area with a lower cost of living and lower business costs, compared to the large cities of say, Minneapolis/St. Paul. Because of this, we’re able to provide competitive wages for our employees, but we’re not having to compete with big city wages. This, in turn, allows us to pass on a cost savings to our clients. Combine that with our high-velocity and IP retention, and it’s easy to see we’re here to provide a competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) — and we know how to deliver.
  10. Our Lakeshore Model: You might see this floating around, but we think it’s our most important reason of all. While all the sides are yelling that offshore or onshore is best, we really believe lakeshore is where it’s at. We live in Minnesota’s lake country and when the going gets tough, we unwind to the sounds of the loons. It’s sort of our thing. So, while we definitely know how to work hard, we also know how to play hard — right down to the lake.

Have you been considering outsourcing some of your software development or looking for a strategic partner to help drive greater IT solution velocity for your business? If so, we encourage you to give Gullview’s Lakeshore Model some thought. Contact us today for a chat about how we can help you achieve a higher velocity in IT solutions for the business, while saving you money when we put together your dedicated team. Email us at info@gullviewtech.comor give us a call at (218) 454–7711. Get ready for a transformation you can only find on our lakeshore.